Monday, October 18, 2010

Getting Back into Things

Hi All. I'm sorry I've been bad about blogging recently. Things have been busy here with travel and I just applied for and got! a new job. So, I'll probably continue to blog less than when I wasn't working, but I hope to keep it up as much as I can. I'm also going to give up on the 365 days of getting out with baby. Not because I'm not getting out with him, but because he'll be with the nanny half the time and well, I'd just rather write about whatever I feel like. If we do something really cool, I'll be sure to write about it.

I would tell you about what's coming soon because I have a lot of ideas in my head that I would like to write about, but I'm afraid I'd do that and then never get to some of you'll just have to "stay tuned."

Wander on over to The Shopping Mama sometimes too, to see my posts there.

Thanks for sticking around.

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